Lighthouse Learning

Founded by Christopher Robert and Johnny Tsiattalou, Lighthouse Learning is an education centre aimed at producing high-quality and cost-effective group tuition for all academic levels from Key Stage 1 all the way up to A-level.

What sets us apart?

1.  Expert teachers - all members of our team are either qualified teachers or highly-specialised tutors with at least 5 years experience or more.

2.  Unique teaching techniques - See it. Do it. Teach it……One of our in-house teaching methods, which takes inspiration from a number of proven forms of learning such as “active-recall”, “peer-teaching” and “self-correction”.

3.  Extensive knowledge in all exam boards- our teachers are qualified to teach across all the major exam boards including as OCR, AQA, Edexcel and Eduqas.

4.  A maximum of 5 students per class - this gives the lessons a more personalised touch and means the benefits of one-to-one tuition are not lost.

5.  Half the price of one-to-one tuition - group tuition not only more cost effective, but also provides less-pressurised environment for students to learn and share ideas, in turn promoting a greater level of independence. This combined with our limit on class size means the students can reap the benefits of group and one-to-one tuition.

6.  FREE 1-hour lesson - we are so confident that you will be happy with the teaching that we are willing to let you trial our services.

7.  Academic progress tracking - we provide continuous feedback of academic progress by assessing the student every 6 weeks, making sure to keep parents in the loop!

8. Our premises - our modern and colourful tuition centre provides a calm, yet stimulating environment for students to learn.

JOhnnY Tsiattalou co-founder of lighthouse learning and in-house maths and biology tutor

JOhnnY Tsiattalou co-founder of lighthouse learning and in-house maths and biology tutor

Mr. Johnny Tsiattalou

Johnny graduated from The University of Manchester with a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology in 2011. He began one-to-one private tuition part-time, specialising in Maths and Biology. His natural aptitude for teaching lead him to be a very popular tutor in West London and he subsequently decided to quit his job as a reporter and continue teaching full time. His popularity as a tutor continued to rise and through recommendations he was offered a number of tutoring roles at learning centres and teaching roles at private colleges over the coming years. He began tutoring and teaching full-time in both private colleges and tuition centres simultaneously.

Johnny later received an opportunity to begin teaching in a private school in Acton called Brookwood college. After years of hard work, he climbed up the hierarchy and was offered the role as Principal of the college, which he gladly accepted. He continues to oversee the college during the day.

Running his own sixth form college and working in various educational spaces over the past 8 years has proved an invaluable experience. It has not only helped him go refine his teaching methods but has also improved his understanding of the school curriculums and the education system as a whole. He now boasts an impressive track record of helping students to achieve the grades and success they hoped. 

Christopher robert co-founder of lighthouse learning and in-house special-needs and english tutor

Christopher robert co-founder of lighthouse learning and in-house special-needs and english tutor

Dr. Christopher Robert

Christopher also completed his Bachelors degree at The University of Manchester in Biomedical Sciences in 2012. His first teaching role was in the SEN department of a South London primary school teaching children with a range of behavioural and learning difficulties. After this role, Chris completed his Masters degree in ‘Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine’ at UCL. Here, he was fortunate to work with leading researchers in the bioengineering field to create an implantable glucose sensor that allowed diabetics to track their sugar levels in real-time.

He then worked in consultancy at Amazon HQ for a short period of time before embarking on a veterinary medicine degree at The Royal Veterinary College of London. Having now qualified as a veterinary doctor, he currently holds a position overseeing a research team in Chiang Mai, Thailand studying the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in the stray dog population.

Having spent a large proportion of his life in further education, Chris understands the constant pressure that impending examinations can bring upon a student. He attributes a lot of his accomplishments to a group-tuition centre he himself frequented as a child and wants others to benefit from same experiences he had.