Group sessions

Lighthouse Learning provides students with small-group sessions taught by one of our highly-qualified teachers. Small group sizes (1-6 students per class) means lessons are tailored to suit the academic needs of each individual. This gives these sessions a more personalised touch compared with school classrooms. In many instances, students need to be re-taught what they've learnt at school due to the fast-pace environment of a classroom. Over time we help students to develop, not only their knowledge in the topic, but also train them to be able answer exam questions effectively; the latter being key to success from 7+ to A-level. Group sessions will take place on weekdays, weekends, half term and summer holidays.

Girl in group tuition class being helped by an experienced tutor
a bunch of sharpened pencils signifying our readiness to prepare students for exams

Revision courses

We offer intense revision courses specifically aimed at preparing students for upcoming examinations. These courses run over holiday periods (including study leave for those taking GCSEs and A-levels). Past paper questions, lecture slides and revision notes are provided. Academic progress will be tracked with the use of mock examinations to ensure steady improvements are being made and target grades are met.

Mock Exams

We all know taking that first step into the examination room can be very stressful. Our bespoke mock examination service will provide students with the tools to be prepared both mentally and academically. Taken under full exam conditions and marked by our own tutors, these practice examinations will help us to highlight areas of weakness and track progress of each student. 

student taking a mock paper in preparation for his for his final examinations